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Attention Riders! 

In addition to eating a meal and spending time with other ToH riders, we are also feeding the residents of the Veteran's Home. There will be no fixed price per rider, but a donation bucket will be on hand. Anything left over after covering the meal will be donated to the Veteran's Home. If anyone would like to arriver early and assist with preparing the meal and/or spending time with the residents please feel free to join in! We will begin preparing around 10AM and would love to spend more time with you as we serve those who served before us. After lunch we will take a leisurely, self paced ride over the pass and to WY6. There will be multiple scenic places to stop along the way, but once we all arrive at WY6 we'll take a group photo, say our goodbye and long for the next time we break bread and share a road.  Thank-you and I hope to see you there!

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