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Buffalo, WY

Located along Hwy 16 on the eastern slopes of the majestic Bighorn Mountains, Buffalo is a small Wyoming town (pop. 4,415) noted for it's historic buildings, access to the Bighorns, sprawling ranches, Longmire Days festival and history of the development of the west. There's a lot of things to do and see while you are in town, stay a day or two and enjoy. 

Cloud Peak Skyway - Scenic Byway

Hwy 16 winds it's way through the Bighorn Mountains connecting Buffalo at the east with Ten Sleep in the west. During those 63.7 miles you will traverse an elevation ranging from 4,300ft to 9,667ft at Powder River Pass. Along the way you will pass many scenic vistas, lakes and mountains. 


Downtown Buffalo

Museums, eateries, shops and more await you in downtown Buffalo. To best experience this town just find a place to park and start walking. It's a small town and the historic district is only a couple of blocks so it can easily be taken in afoot. 

Dual Sport riders' paradise

The Bighorn mountains offer many trails for enjoying on dual sport motorcycles. In the Buffalo area you have Crazy Woman Canyon along with several side roads spurring off Hwy 16. If you continue north to Sheridan then find Red Grade Rd (near the town of Bighorn) and take it into the mountains and explore until your heart is content. Be careful and take a friend because there is rarely cell service and some of the roads and trails get increasingly difficult the further you get from the pavement. 

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